Monday, November 15, 2010


Dear all readers!

Thank you for all your support until now for FAR Magazine. Each month Far team has always work our best to give you update news and different ideas to feed your creative minds. Just to tease all of you this 11th edition we are bringing a lot of new aspect and talents also photo shoots. On this edition we give you FAR GOES UNDERWATER~

Who says creating art needs to be on a dry land?
photo by Pineng

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Friday, November 5, 2010


Dear all,

We would like to ask all of you, whoever you are, wherever you are, to lend a hand on the victims of Wasior in Papua, Mentawai in Sumatra and Merapi in Yogyakarta. In anyway you are able to including prayers for our brothers and sisters lives.

If there is anyone who would like to donate from Indonesia please contact below
Office : 62 21 316 10 72
Email : (subject DONATION)

Thank you so much and may Allah bless all of you,
FAR Magazine

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dear ALL!

FAR Magazine 10th edition is about people that you can see as Mentor. What is Mentor? Mentor is a Teacher, someone as a trusted counsellor. In this edition we give you people who are worthy to be mentors, unfortunately we don't have enough page to include lots more of these talented people. But hopefully this edition would help you readers to acknowledge and get inspired.

Starting from our Person of The Month is nonetheless the known Didik Nini Thowok. Not only he is obvious talent in multiple contemporary dancing also he will inspire you to believe that when you put your heart and effort into things you want to do, you will get it. The story behind how he get to where he is now, the racism he felt when he was little and the journey he have to go through.

Our Artwork Bunch also filled with inspiring works, where the medium and concept behind it will make that fire in your heart lit. From a teacher to a student shows their own creativity and uniqueness. These people are Hardiman Radjab, Wawan Geni, Irwan Ahmett, Agoessalim, MG Priangotono and Ryan Ryadi.

To ease your racing hearts we present to you the calmness of our contributors memories through their lens. The soothe color and its rendezvous feeling.

Don't miss out the up and about of what's been going out with the lifestyles and social issues, where Jakarta has become the city of Trash and What is Teacher issues. Get to know more about Ruben Elishama Hadju through his closet and seclude yourself with the beauty of Pangandaran.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey ALL!

This is just another teaser for FAR MAGAZINE 10th Edition. On this issue we decided Mentor is the perfect issue for this month. :)

introduction page
Illustration by : Saiful Haq

page by : Litha

By the way, these two pages were created by our Interns! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our person of the month for the 6th edition is Putu Wijaya. The reason is why we have chosen this person is because he have the love for his works and his passion. All this pass years he have been dedicated his life focusing on script writing and books. His critics and perspective the he wrote down are his trademarks. Not only he writes, he also focus his work by contributing in Indonesia's theatre.

We have Henryca Citra a flexible illustrator who loves to draw buildings. He uses acrylic, poster colour, water colour and oil in most of his works. The Miss Retro, Aprilia Apsari, not only an artist she is also a singer from White Shoes and The Couples Company. Most of his artwork created because of the people around her. She have been creating since Kindergarten. Optimistic is the key of her success. Being expressive and experimental are the trademark of Dmaz Brodjonegoro, with his illustration using water colour based hypnotised its viewers. Azisa Noor loves to go under her subconscious world. She uses water colour pencil and created her imaginary world.
A freshgraduate from Bina Nusantara amazed us by her pop up book and last Oom Leo. The keyboardist of Goodnight Electric who loves to work on his pixel art.

Check out the beauty of Holland, Amsterdam from our contributor's eyes and look closely to Adinia Wirasti house. And many more of course! To buy please call 021 3161072 ask for Reni.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


FAR salute Oscar Motuloh as our Person of the Month. He is the Soldier of National photo. Where his style is very journalist yet fascinating. A shy photographer however his photos are not as shy as him, we can say as if we are there also as he took those photos. To balance the tense of Oscar motuloh’s photos we showcase our Artwork Bunch full with colours, interiors and dolls.

To reminisce ourselves and celebrate Mother’s Day we have our editor put together an article about Our Beloved Mom. Also to spice it up we have a contributor put together a story about the controversial live of a trans – sexual in Jakarta. How people see it and perceive it.

While we salute how hard it is to be different on issue 5, we also explored the story of someone who had a positive HIV. Here we are not trying to write any judgement or perception. It is simply a story of the person’s journey.

FAR also take a deep look inside Lampung and Surabaya, where its hidden place will take your breath away!

And many more!


This month we have the pleasure to blow the minds of Writers in Indonesia. FAR loves creativity not only in Art also in Literature. Not just in this issue though. Think issue 2, where we talk about the importance of Children in studying how to write with Dik Doang. On this issue we focus in Literature as we have Zara Zetira as our cover. Where she talks about the meaning of being a writer and her excitement in writing stories for soaps or books. And herself as a cool suave writer and the women behind all pop writing culture.

Our ARTWORK BUNCH are filled by these talented people all over Jakarta;
Arya Mularama is known of his absurdity and messy work of art. He tend to use Wacom and Drawing pen to create the illustrations that has urban and surrealist feeling.
Wastu Widyawan is a graphic design who admit that his interest on art was a bit late then it should be. He admire artwork by Godiex, Richard Phillips and Will Cotton that tend to use dark colours and the beauty of women.
Arian Arifin is not only an Artist also a singer of Seringai band. He has the passionate of drawing on his early age, 2 years old. His style is identical into Heavy Metal culture where it includes skull, crow and wolf.
"Youngsters should have full respect and keep on creating", said Ritchie Hansel. How he let the idea flows is by letting the brain by itself and never really thinks about what the art theme is going to be, also let the people think about what the art he made is about.

Like Father Like Son, Kemal Reza Gibran is an artist following his dad footsteps creating a clothing design filled with dark edgy colours as main colours. the style of it gives an urban feeling yet classic.
Who doesn't know Eko Nugroho? A man born in Yogyakarta, known as Daging Tumbuh, and have been creating excellence Installation around the globe.

Lomo lovers! you wouldn't want to miss these MAD photos captured by Putri Daskian and Sapta Hudaya

FAR Magazine will take you to a world of the unimaginable, brought to you by Tarita Kowara, our Make up artist from the 1st edition as our make up artist for Nicholas Saputra.

Not to mention we have the honour of having Alexa expressing their band to us, with exclusive interviews on each member of the band and their passion in collecting specific items.
And many more...!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Untuk edisi seterusnya FAR Magazine memutuskan untuk menambah 1 rubrik baru yang bernama RANT. RANT adalah halaman yang berisikan semua tentang ART yang unik, yang berada disekitar kalian. Kami tidak mengkategorikan jenis kamera yang kalian gunakan untuk mengambil dokumentasi, dilengkapi dengan keterangan Dimana lokasi pengambilan dokumentasi, hasil karya siapa (jika mengetahui) dan Keterangan diri.

CATATAN: ART/KARYA yang diambil meliputi graffiti/mural, coret2an unik, tari2an atau berbagai macam pertunjukan seni (topeng monyet termasuk!)
*Karya2 ini tidak hanya di publikasikan di majalah dan juga akan ada di dan website yang akan datang.

Kirimkan dokumentasi ini ke CC dengan SUBJECT: RANT

**Untuk dokumentasi yang terbaik, FAR Magazine akan memberikan souvenir menarik!
Terima Kasih dan kita tunggu hasil dokumentasi kalian!


Inipun bisa dilakukan melalui TWITTER!
Follow @FARmagazine dan upload foto apapun yang menurut kamu mengandung unsur seni. Dan sertakan lokasi dan judul yang kamu berikan untuk jepretan foto kamu.
Jangan lupa untuk menyertakan #RANT dibelakang tweet kamu dan mention ke @FARmagazine !!

Berikut format untuk tweet RANT:
@FARmagazine (GAMBAR) (judul) (lokasi) (your shout) #RANT

@FARmagazine (Gambar) City Breeze, Jl. Jnd Sudirman, Jakarta. "Hidup ini Indah" #RANT


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Thursday, March 18, 2010


BEHIND THE SCENE second part!
To be honest we actually forgot to documented the photo shoot with Pak Raden. T__T
I was too amazed of how GOOD Pak Raden is when he was on the set!
There were lots too choose and one of the computer in the office had to be repaired, we think the other photos are there, SORRY!

So in the meantime, FAR will show the FAR crew took photo with Pak Raden. LOL

from left: Imam, Pak Raden, Rani Tachril, Na'i
Photographer: Redho
Make up: By Pak Raden himself

Below photos are the Fashion spread for second edition of FAR.
On this shoot were using lots of different pastel colors, combined with dresses with frills and layers to give a touch of Fairytale. On this edition we brought two fantastic and cute young girls to participate in the shoot!


Photographer: Niki
Stylist: Zia
Make up & Hair: Hendro
Wardrobe by: Jenny Ang, Rinaldy A. Yunardy,
Jenny Yee, Meregehese, Barli Asmara

Below is the candid shoot :)

The models

Photographer: Grace
Stylist: Zia
Make up & Hair: Hendro
Wardrobe by: Dearst, Tasha D, Meregehese,
Elizabeth Wahyu, Barli Asmara

Below is the candid photos;

Thank you everyone for the great job! <3

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Happy Independence day!
It has been 64 years we've been Independent, so to celebrate this day our theme is based on one of the country national anthem called 'Gebyar - Gebyar'.
On this issue, our Person of the month is Bim bim the drummer of Slank, talks about the freedom, brotherhood, togetherness and nationalism through their music and how living in Indonesia effect their freedom on making their music.
Issue 3rd is about express our minds and thoughts, not only through music also through art. The Nation on Mission captured the laughs and sad of this special day, how each picture describe hundreds of different perspectives.
Not to mention the beauty of our Downtown Hipster and Trivia Tribe, showcase the modern fashion and the natural beauty of colors. Social Brew is also going way back to interview people who witness and survive the 1945 revolution, what they see, how they cope with the chances and what got left behind inside their mind and heart.

To get them Call 021 316 1072!


As Far try to grow and show more, this 2nd edition, that came out on June/July 2009, is all about the growth of Indonesia’s future generation. On the second issue let us focus to the new generations of Indonesia, who initiate changes of children’s way of thinking and the color of youth.

Cover comical Pak Raden a.k.a Drs Suyadi, he is known for his character in Unyil show as a father figure, the thick mustache and his traditional blangkon, discusses to Far about his career and his works. Pak Raden also tells FAR about his perspective of the technology to the kids nowadays.

Our lovely writers have complied collection of articles and stories discussing the reality of children’s rights, how the social lend their hands abandoned and homeless kids. Dik Doank shows us his action on helping the children in Jakarta and have fun with it! We also cover the history of Batavia know more general as Betawi now and the story of Wayang Golek Betawi.

This is a MUST HAVE issue; Jimmy ‘Upstairs’ shows his artwork and how music affects him on creating his artwork. Photo journal by our marvelous contributors on their journey through children’s eyes also the fashion spreads of our Tainted Fairytale.

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