Thursday, June 17, 2010


FAR salute Oscar Motuloh as our Person of the Month. He is the Soldier of National photo. Where his style is very journalist yet fascinating. A shy photographer however his photos are not as shy as him, we can say as if we are there also as he took those photos. To balance the tense of Oscar motuloh’s photos we showcase our Artwork Bunch full with colours, interiors and dolls.

To reminisce ourselves and celebrate Mother’s Day we have our editor put together an article about Our Beloved Mom. Also to spice it up we have a contributor put together a story about the controversial live of a trans – sexual in Jakarta. How people see it and perceive it.

While we salute how hard it is to be different on issue 5, we also explored the story of someone who had a positive HIV. Here we are not trying to write any judgement or perception. It is simply a story of the person’s journey.

FAR also take a deep look inside Lampung and Surabaya, where its hidden place will take your breath away!

And many more!

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unsaid words! said...

hey i just wanna know about any possibility to submit my work for the magazine, i do photography and you can find works here

i've been feature in some other magazine (online and print). thanks