Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dear ALL!

FAR Magazine 10th edition is about people that you can see as Mentor. What is Mentor? Mentor is a Teacher, someone as a trusted counsellor. In this edition we give you people who are worthy to be mentors, unfortunately we don't have enough page to include lots more of these talented people. But hopefully this edition would help you readers to acknowledge and get inspired.

Starting from our Person of The Month is nonetheless the known Didik Nini Thowok. Not only he is obvious talent in multiple contemporary dancing also he will inspire you to believe that when you put your heart and effort into things you want to do, you will get it. The story behind how he get to where he is now, the racism he felt when he was little and the journey he have to go through.

Our Artwork Bunch also filled with inspiring works, where the medium and concept behind it will make that fire in your heart lit. From a teacher to a student shows their own creativity and uniqueness. These people are Hardiman Radjab, Wawan Geni, Irwan Ahmett, Agoessalim, MG Priangotono and Ryan Ryadi.

To ease your racing hearts we present to you the calmness of our contributors memories through their lens. The soothe color and its rendezvous feeling.

Don't miss out the up and about of what's been going out with the lifestyles and social issues, where Jakarta has become the city of Trash and What is Teacher issues. Get to know more about Ruben Elishama Hadju through his closet and seclude yourself with the beauty of Pangandaran.


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martha puri said...

FAR Mag, mau tanya nih, Far kira2 sebulan lalu kan pernah foto produk2ku (bs dilihat di blogku), katanya terbit bulan oktober, tapi sampai sekarang blm ada kabarnya...

eLFiRa aRisanti said...

really cool