Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Happy Independence day!
It has been 64 years we've been Independent, so to celebrate this day our theme is based on one of the country national anthem called 'Gebyar - Gebyar'.
On this issue, our Person of the month is Bim bim the drummer of Slank, talks about the freedom, brotherhood, togetherness and nationalism through their music and how living in Indonesia effect their freedom on making their music.
Issue 3rd is about express our minds and thoughts, not only through music also through art. The Nation on Mission captured the laughs and sad of this special day, how each picture describe hundreds of different perspectives.
Not to mention the beauty of our Downtown Hipster and Trivia Tribe, showcase the modern fashion and the natural beauty of colors. Social Brew is also going way back to interview people who witness and survive the 1945 revolution, what they see, how they cope with the chances and what got left behind inside their mind and heart.

To get them Call 021 316 1072!

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