Allow us to collectively embark on a journey, an experience, a frame of mind, a subject or story of existence. Somewhere in between the realms of thought, an Indonesian is brewing with creativity, whether the talents have materialized or remains conceptual, we will do our best to present those innovations in this magazine.

The true form of Far is a 86 pages of a magazine that focus on Art, Social and Lifestyle. We are a bi monthly magazine that you can find in Kinokuniya, Gunung Agung and Gramedia Jakarta :) Through the medium of the magazine, which is define as ‘an extension of collaborated human experiences.’ The idea of exploring different perspectives is our aim. the thoughts outside the many boxes. The choices and adventures of human creativity and expression. The painter, the writer, the musician, the stories, the artist, the works. 

Not just for this reason but maybe For Another Reason? By the way, this is just the blog ;) You could find us in Gramedia, Toko Gunung Agung and Kinokuniya around Jakarta.


Indonesia is a country rich with unique culture and appealing vogue, in which there are an abundance of talented
individuals whom relatively remain unknown. It is from the first conceptions of civilization; Art, Fashion
and culture have always been collectively entangled. This magazine attempts to reside between these entangled
junctions and draw attention to the talents of brilliant individuals and communities.

o To be one of the leading Indonesian Art Magazine in Indonesia
o To collaborate with different kind of communities of Art in Indonesia
o To attract Indonesian talent and make a community upon it
o To introduce young talents
o To encourage positive attitudes towards art and design actions
o To layout present important issues and advocate for the reader
o Showcasing appalling fashion and creates a medium for criticism

We aim for the determined Indonesian artistic spirited on their art and social awareness with a little touch of fashion forwardness. It showcases Indonesian style in an international and local light through premium artistic
photography and relevant editorials with infused with sparks of International talent.
It aspires to draw upon emotions of inspiration and motivation from the stories to style, also its relevance to the fashion and art populace. The context of art, design and culture will aim to be more than essential, but
also accessible and appropriate.