Tuesday, March 2, 2010


As Far try to grow and show more, this 2nd edition, that came out on June/July 2009, is all about the growth of Indonesia’s future generation. On the second issue let us focus to the new generations of Indonesia, who initiate changes of children’s way of thinking and the color of youth.

Cover comical Pak Raden a.k.a Drs Suyadi, he is known for his character in Unyil show as a father figure, the thick mustache and his traditional blangkon, discusses to Far about his career and his works. Pak Raden also tells FAR about his perspective of the technology to the kids nowadays.

Our lovely writers have complied collection of articles and stories discussing the reality of children’s rights, how the social lend their hands abandoned and homeless kids. Dik Doank shows us his action on helping the children in Jakarta and have fun with it! We also cover the history of Batavia know more general as Betawi now and the story of Wayang Golek Betawi.

This is a MUST HAVE issue; Jimmy ‘Upstairs’ shows his artwork and how music affects him on creating his artwork. Photo journal by our marvelous contributors on their journey through children’s eyes also the fashion spreads of our Tainted Fairytale.

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