Thursday, March 18, 2010


BEHIND THE SCENE second part!
To be honest we actually forgot to documented the photo shoot with Pak Raden. T__T
I was too amazed of how GOOD Pak Raden is when he was on the set!
There were lots too choose and one of the computer in the office had to be repaired, we think the other photos are there, SORRY!

So in the meantime, FAR will show the FAR crew took photo with Pak Raden. LOL

from left: Imam, Pak Raden, Rani Tachril, Na'i
Photographer: Redho
Make up: By Pak Raden himself

Below photos are the Fashion spread for second edition of FAR.
On this shoot were using lots of different pastel colors, combined with dresses with frills and layers to give a touch of Fairytale. On this edition we brought two fantastic and cute young girls to participate in the shoot!


Photographer: Niki
Stylist: Zia
Make up & Hair: Hendro
Wardrobe by: Jenny Ang, Rinaldy A. Yunardy,
Jenny Yee, Meregehese, Barli Asmara

Below is the candid shoot :)

The models

Photographer: Grace
Stylist: Zia
Make up & Hair: Hendro
Wardrobe by: Dearst, Tasha D, Meregehese,
Elizabeth Wahyu, Barli Asmara

Below is the candid photos;

Thank you everyone for the great job! <3

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