On this page we realize we never introduce FAR Magazine family.
Our family is not perfect to be honest, we need more MARKETING and ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE or PUBLIC RELATION on board!!!!
Like every magazine (hopefully) we have talented, crazy, creative people on board.
Starts from Chief Editor, which let us not talk about the chief editor again. it might bores you. So lets jump to the other special people!


She was a student from Moestopo majoring in Journalistic. Since high school she knew she wanted to be a reporter or a journalist. Knowing her personality which is a sweet person, she always put her feelings in every articles she wrote. Worked in a couple local newspapers made her more strong and capable on meeting deadlines, especially FAR have a lot of deadlines. 
A sweet and lovely person as her name Bunga (flower), she made FAR Magazine capable on writing and providing quality articles that would take your breath away!

Aditya Gerhard

He is one of an example of how International students overseas should be. Brought up in San Diego, Adit went back to Jakarta to pursue his career. He was working in Commonwealth bank Jakarta when he got the offer of working in FAR magazine making magic! lol These 3 people are the senior pillars of FAR magazine and has been working their a**es off!
Cheers to them and their dedication.

Some of our family come and go, but again without them there will be no FAR.
Peace out!
FAR Magazine