Thursday, June 17, 2010


This month we have the pleasure to blow the minds of Writers in Indonesia. FAR loves creativity not only in Art also in Literature. Not just in this issue though. Think issue 2, where we talk about the importance of Children in studying how to write with Dik Doang. On this issue we focus in Literature as we have Zara Zetira as our cover. Where she talks about the meaning of being a writer and her excitement in writing stories for soaps or books. And herself as a cool suave writer and the women behind all pop writing culture.

Our ARTWORK BUNCH are filled by these talented people all over Jakarta;
Arya Mularama is known of his absurdity and messy work of art. He tend to use Wacom and Drawing pen to create the illustrations that has urban and surrealist feeling.
Wastu Widyawan is a graphic design who admit that his interest on art was a bit late then it should be. He admire artwork by Godiex, Richard Phillips and Will Cotton that tend to use dark colours and the beauty of women.
Arian Arifin is not only an Artist also a singer of Seringai band. He has the passionate of drawing on his early age, 2 years old. His style is identical into Heavy Metal culture where it includes skull, crow and wolf.
"Youngsters should have full respect and keep on creating", said Ritchie Hansel. How he let the idea flows is by letting the brain by itself and never really thinks about what the art theme is going to be, also let the people think about what the art he made is about.

Like Father Like Son, Kemal Reza Gibran is an artist following his dad footsteps creating a clothing design filled with dark edgy colours as main colours. the style of it gives an urban feeling yet classic.
Who doesn't know Eko Nugroho? A man born in Yogyakarta, known as Daging Tumbuh, and have been creating excellence Installation around the globe.

Lomo lovers! you wouldn't want to miss these MAD photos captured by Putri Daskian and Sapta Hudaya

FAR Magazine will take you to a world of the unimaginable, brought to you by Tarita Kowara, our Make up artist from the 1st edition as our make up artist for Nicholas Saputra.

Not to mention we have the honour of having Alexa expressing their band to us, with exclusive interviews on each member of the band and their passion in collecting specific items.
And many more...!

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