Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our person of the month for the 6th edition is Putu Wijaya. The reason is why we have chosen this person is because he have the love for his works and his passion. All this pass years he have been dedicated his life focusing on script writing and books. His critics and perspective the he wrote down are his trademarks. Not only he writes, he also focus his work by contributing in Indonesia's theatre.

We have Henryca Citra a flexible illustrator who loves to draw buildings. He uses acrylic, poster colour, water colour and oil in most of his works. The Miss Retro, Aprilia Apsari, not only an artist she is also a singer from White Shoes and The Couples Company. Most of his artwork created because of the people around her. She have been creating since Kindergarten. Optimistic is the key of her success. Being expressive and experimental are the trademark of Dmaz Brodjonegoro, with his illustration using water colour based hypnotised its viewers. Azisa Noor loves to go under her subconscious world. She uses water colour pencil and created her imaginary world.
A freshgraduate from Bina Nusantara amazed us by her pop up book and last Oom Leo. The keyboardist of Goodnight Electric who loves to work on his pixel art.

Check out the beauty of Holland, Amsterdam from our contributor's eyes and look closely to Adinia Wirasti house. And many more of course! To buy please call 021 3161072 ask for Reni.