Sunday, February 28, 2010


At last at last at last!
After so long we can upload the 1st issue of Far Magazine. The first issue was out on April/May 2009, with the cover and also our Person of the Month, Nicholas Saputra been beat up, Make up artist by the marvelous Tarita Kowara (you will be hearing this name a lot in Far magazine btw).

The title of Far first issue is Born to Revive, the idea was to have, to restore, to stimulate a media focusing in art and visualin Indonesia, starting in Jakarta. This is just the beginning of a new media, where it is create for the Indonesians, from Indonesia and back to Indonesia. :))

Here are the inside spreads,

person of the month
artwork bunch
fashion spread
social brew
foreign exchange

This issue far gives out the in and out of how Nicholas Saputra survive in Indonesia, what he thinks about living and being an individual in Indonesia. Plus showcasing bunch of artwork by our Indonesian hidden talents that lives around the globe.
Not just the artistic side of Jakarta, we also cover behind the story of Jakarta's Underdogs Jaipong dancers, how they earn money, where they live and the risk of this profession. Plus the area you have to check out when visiting Brooklyn.

If you want to read more, please order by calling 021 316 1072
'Till our next post!

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