Sunday, February 28, 2010


As a reminder, First edition of FAR is the one with Nicholas Saputra on the cover.
In this post I would like to publish and show some photos on the process~

Photos from covers photo shoot;

These great photos were taken by Niki Yusuf Saputra. The concept was to give a survival feeling
(I think we went over the fence,LOL) And we thought it would be mad to show Nicholas Saputra looking like this to our reader! The make up was done by Tarita.
Niki suggested the photo feeling and editing, while FAR created the story and concept behind it. Though without both parties this photo would not look this good!

Let us know what you think....

And sadly :((
for the Fashion one, I only have this photo.

This is the photo of 'Keong Emas', taken by Ferdiansyah. The dress she wore was from Agnes Budhisurya, hair and make up by Willly Wahyudi.
I will have to look harder for the shoots we did back in (around) February/March 2009.


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