Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Jakarta issue was made to celebrate the birthday of Jakarta, obviously. Let us not state the obvious as well by saying Benyamin S = Jakarta. Yes it is true there are many other iconic we can equalize to Jakarta as well. Why Benyamin S? Who doesn't know him? Any Indonesians know this person. We lost this talented person is true but we have his memories, lots of songs, movies, articles and friends he had left behind.
That is why, in a way, we create the June/July 2011 issue to Benyamin S and Jakarta. Helloooo Batavians! Helllooooo Betawi, come out come out wherever you are, this one is for you.

On the Nation on A Mission we have our talented contributors to capture the Jakarta scene. Well at least most of it. Living in Jakarta is like eating Sambel (chilli), You would reject it at first but it will grow in you and you will crave for more! lol. At least thats what we think.

We also give you some social articles about Why Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia and its little history behind it. Also the known tari topeng betawi and the growth of it.
With special features for the creative people out there, we give you Art Tutorial! where we present how to create plush toy on this issue :)
There will be more changes and additions in the upcoming issues! So don't miss it!!

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