Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Our birthday issue! yippy, nothing big, we love to just please ourselves and readers by playing with our layout and give more in the magazine content. It was our pleasure to bring 5 people as our person(s) of the month.
They are, Nano Riantiarno, Hartati, Titien Watimena, Mpok Nori and Acho Sambas. The concept for this edition's Person of the month was to cover 5 people involved in theatre. Where there's the actor/actress; Mpok Nori, the Script writer; Titien Watimena, the Director; Nano Riantiarno, the Choreographer; Hartati and the Stage Art Director; Acho Sambas.
Without these people, a play may not happen.

Here are the cover of the issue,


We had so much fun making every pages of the Birthday issue! The team was so playful and the models we were working with were fun to hang, easy going and all out. On the Tribal Insanity project we decided to use non models, they were people from local Indonesia rock band, Uta from Garden of Grief, Opa Willy from Delerium Tremens and Edo from FX14.

Buy the issue to see how FAR Magazine is a totally different magazine. Hope you like it!

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